The Classes report is a part of a reporting pack. The club wanted an overview of the different classes they offered to support planning activities. Planning activities can include marketing, pricing, resource management and waiting list reduction activities. The report also shows the club what “type” of club it is. In this case, most classes are recreational, but the club uses more resources on elite-level classes.

If a club’s ambition is to grow, it is crucial to have enough space in the correct classes: the metrics highlight available classes, cost, and the waiting list size. An extensive waiting list indicates that the types of classes available aren’t in line with the audience or that the club requires additional resources to grow. Further investigation into each class is possible by click on each category for more details.

In this case, the pricing is consistent across class types (apart from in the elite levels). Another approach for the club to increase income is to increase the price if it is not possible (or not desired) to increase resources.

In terms of training time, the elite level class uses considerably more time than special needs or recreational classes. However, special needs classes required additional coaches and helper coaches than elite or recreational.