Denmark is a country of clubs and associations – everything you can think of probably has a club here. Each year all clubs that receive funding from the municipality (kommune) submit their membership numbers. These numbers are aggregated based on age groups, gender, activity and location. It’s a great dataset for looking at what is hot (or not) in the club world in Denmark, and to find all the clubs that wouldn’t normally show up at the top of a google search.

Due to the lock-downs caused by Covid-19 many of these clubs have been closed – and it was expected that the numbers of members would fall, which it did (you can read about it from DGI (in Danish), DIF and DGI’s analysis of the CFR numbers). Now the challenge is getting people back to the clubs.

Using the report you can find the clubs that interest you. Switch between seeing the distribution of age or gender, as well as the total number of members in a club, to how the club is divided up based on age or gender. Time to find your next activity!